Shih Tzu Moms

Retired Past Mommies


These are our ‘Foundation Dogs” and “Ancestors” to the dogs we currently have as we are on our 3rd generation now … continuing our love of our vision of striving to better the breed and sharing the Love of the wonderful Shih Tzu 


Garden’s Golden Glitter Celebration

Born golden, she has lightened up to a soft cream blond with striking black markings
Carries Chocolate, Red, and  Black & White 
Solids and Parti’s
Well known pedigree
 12 lbs

Born right here in the Garden from our retired Chloe
Loves to be into everything you are doing!
Super smart, sweet, & inquisitive girl with beautiful eyes, face, thick coat, and conformation.


Garden’s Princess Charlotte

Reddish Gold and White Parti
Carries red, gold, black, & silver

Outstanding pedigree
11 lbs

Born right here in the Garden! Mom is retired Syrah and Dad is Tinker Toy

Charlotte is a super affectionate and playful girl. She loves to be outside on the yard and hanging out with all the other Shih Tzus

She is producing gorgeous babies!

“Tallulah Belle”

Garden’s Belle of the Ball

White with Crème Parti
 Lines of White, Gold, Chocolate, Black, solid & parti
Outstanding pedigree
7.6 lbs


Born right here in the Garden! Mom is Alioop and Dad Is Derby. Grandmother is Cheyenne, Grandfather is Tinker
3rd generation in our Garden

Super sweet and loving! Produces outstanding babies with all Daddies!
Exceptional Girl! 

“Ollalie Berry”

Garden’s Rue La La


Yummy red girl with black mask. Daughter to Ruby Scarlett
Lines of Deep Reds &
 8.8 lbs


This Girl is SOO Awesome
in every way. 
Simply Sweet Perfection with a extreme baby doll face.
Born here in the Garden!



Garden’s Tiger Lily

Red and White Parti
with Chocolate nose
9 lbs


Daughter to our Doodle Smooch and Jiggy.

Super loving and smart!
Exquisite Stunner!


Garden’s Cherished Fleur
(pronounced like 


 Red and Black Sable
Carries Solid red with Black Mask, possible parti
Lines of chocolate & Blue
Outstanding pedigree
8.4 lbs


Bred right here in the Garden! Mom is Spicy and Dad Is Magic


Garden’s Guardian Angel


 White with Crème
Carries White, Chocolate, Black, solid & parti
Lines of Red & Blue
Outstanding pedigree
7.0 lbs


Bred right here in the Garden! Mom is Cheyenne and Dad Is Tinker Toy. 
Retiring after litter that is here


Garden’s Petite Syrah


Red and White Parti
Lines of Choco, Red, & Gold
Champion Lines
10 lbs 

Our new baby girl with her China doll baby face that we have been searching for over a year now is finally here and she is one
 Exquisite Stunner!

“Doodle Smooch”

Garden’s Loving Spoonful


Perfectly Marked Yummy Dark
Chocolate and White with Extreme Baby Doll Face

Lines of Chocolate, Red, Blue, and Black & Tan Dobie 
Solids and Parti’s
Well known pedigree with Champion lines
 8 lbs

Chinese Imperial

Born right here in the Garden! Loves to kiss kiss kiss!
Super smart & sweet laid back girl with beautiful eyes, face, coat, and conformation.
We are THRILLED and so excited to see the Imperials she produces for you! 


Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Chloe’s Chocolate Kisses of the Garden


First Foundation Dog!

Red Cream Liver with Cinnamon Tipping
Dripping in soft luxurious coat
Lines of Chocolate 
Champion Pedigree
12 lbs

So sweet, loving and laid back! She likes to find me to get her kisses and cuddles throughout the day. She actually likes to be held like a baby cuddling her head in my neck. She is the first one to jump in the car to go for a ride but mostly she can be found on our laps!
Thanks Twana!

Eyes Checked & “Cerfed”


Garden’s Ruby Scarlett Stealer of Hearts  


Stunning Red with Black Mask
Lines of Vibrant Non Fading Reds,
with Solid’s and Parti’s
Champion Pedigree
9 lbs

Her face is so baby doll sweet with huge soulful eyes rimmed with their own natural liner. Ruby Scarlett is always “talking to us” with her throaty one-of-a-kind voice. She loves loves her toys and 
steals from all the others!

Eyes Checked & “Cerfed”


Darlyn’s Lil Fudge Drizzle Dream of the Garden


Gorgeous Fudge & Orange Sable  
Lines of Chocolate, Red, Blue, and Black & Tan Dobie  Solids and Parti’s
Champion Pedigree 

Chinese Imperial

 She prances and dances to get what she wants. She is so full of herself! Her color is so different and just gets prettier and prettier as she gets older. There is just something about his girl that has me wrapped around her paw..
So cute!

Eyes Checked & “Cerfed”


Garden’s Shooting Star


  Adorable Iced Chocolate Girl 
(platinum blond with Choco highlights)
Carrier of White, 
Lines of Red, Chocolate, & Blue
Good Pedigree with well known names and Champion Lines


She is sweet sweet sweet and runs around here 100 miles an hour and then snuggles in our arms! And with an Ewok cutie-pie face …perfect!

Eyes Checked & “Cerfed”


Garden’s Spice of Life


Spectacular Vibrant Non Fading Red 
with Black Markings
Lines of Red, Liver, Gold, & Black
Champion Pedigree 
7.5 lbs of pure sweetness and love. 


 She loves to sit on my lap and loves loves her walks in the nearby trails and parks. We really love this girl.. She has an amazing personality and such a sweet face! 


Eyes Checked & “Cerfed”


Darlyn’s Sweet Tangerine Nectar of the Garden


Yummy Orange gold girl with black mask & perfect everything!

Liver and white carrier
Lines of red, orange, white, gold, black & tan dobie,
Champion Lines
 9 lbs

This Girl is SOO Awesome
in every way. 
Simply Sweet Perfection with a extreme baby doll face.

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