Ollalie’s Past Puppies

 AKC Full Name~ Garden’s Rue La La


Born Right Here in the Garden!


Ollalie’s Past Puppies:


Ollalie and Everly

Born 11.12.18


*Bamboozle*, now *Fawkes*



Fawkes and big brother Bear, also from us!

Fawkes is so energetic and is growing very fast! He loves jumping around, especially over his brother. He also will try to jump and lick our nose the moment we come back from work — couldn’t have wished for a better brother for Bear!

Thanks again!



*Breezy, now *Ruby*


Hi Karen,

Ruby is doing well, she is a wonderful little girl, so independent and her weight is 6.4 lbs

Javier Antonio


*Brielle*, now *Breezy*

 stayed here ~ future Mommy!



* Bubblegum*, now *Mini Cooper*



Hi Karen!

Just wanted to give you a little update of how great Cooper is doing! He is one of the smartest puppies I’ve had! Already knows how to “sit” and “stay” and “shake hands”!!  He gets along great with Bailey and Maddie (also from Shih Tzu Garden) and plays with them a lot.

Thank you again for another wonderful baby!

~ Courtney~



Ollalie and Jiggy

Born 9.26.17



Handsome Red Male




*Rowen* ~ Staying Here!

Stunning Red Female with White Chest



Dapper Gold Male with splash of white on chest



*Rianna*, now *Charlotte*

Showstopper smaller dark Red Girl

At 2 weeks

At 4 weeks


Ollalie and Tinkers litter ~dob- 9.30.16

2 boys and 1 girl


 Please meet:

*Joop*, now Blaze

Gorgeous Red-gold male with white chest and blaze


2 weeks

4 weeks



Please meet:

*Jaxx*, still Jaxx

Red gold male with splash white



2 weeks





Silver black girl ~ now Bella!



At 2 weeks




Ollalie Berry and Jiggy

“Little Berries”

From Left to Right: Bubba. Bella, & Buddy

  *Bubba*, still *Bubba*


“He is 4 1/2 pounds of adorable cuteness with attitude….He is such a brat.  But such a lovable one. Bubba is insanely cute.”                   I would love to have another little Bubba…





Now Mocha


“Here he is hanging our on our sailboat, he loves it! Chewy has become Isabella’s dog supposed to be mine he just loves her so much!!



Ollalie ♥♥ Tinker!

Please meet our April Spring Garden babies:



*Amaryllis*, now *Lani Kai* (means beautiful ocean),
living the good life by the Pacific Ocean!


Good Morning Karen,

Lani Kai received gold stars at the first vet appointment yesterday!! She’s adapting so well. Full of energy and spunky. We absolutely love her!!!! Thank you again, Faye

“She is such a good girl. We love her so much. Her color is a very cool ombre.” Faye



*Azalea*, now *Charlie*

living the beach bum life by the ocean!


“Charlie is amazing…so smart!!!  She is a little doll…We all love her,  She’s a breath of fresh air!! She has changed my life!!  Just adore her,,,And my husband too!  You’re the best!! Such a special person to bring these little creatures into our lives!! Thank you…

My best to you, Kathy ♥♥

Good morning!!! Being happy with CHARLIE is an understatement … We’re over the moon … I don’t know if I told you but my Tarabella got her wings & is in heaven !!! July 11th… I loved their time together !!!

Her one year birthday!

We love her so much!!




*Aster*, now *Oliver*


He went to a loving home near us with 2 other of our puppies!

Just want you to know that Oliver is doing well.

With me he’s a total angel, very sweet and loving.   But with the other dogs he’s a little bully.  They’ll tolerate it for awhile, but then put him in his place.  So, what I’m saying is that he is a beautiful, almost perfect addition to our family.

He has settled in and doing great! XO,Connie


Ollalie, Our Precious Princess

A very sweet gentle soul she is…