Shih Tzu Moms


Garden’s Addicted to Watermelon ~ Sweet Melly
Stunning chocolate, cream, & white 
Carries colors of red & possibly white
Daughter to Ebi
Granddaughter to Tallulah Belle

Great Granddaughter to Alioop
Great Great Granddaughter to Cheyenne!

5th Generation here!

Well known pedigree

9.2 lbs

Melly is a super sweet spunky little girl that love to play and give lots of kisses!

We look forward to her babies in 2024! 



Garden’s Fancy Pants
Gorgeous rarer Cream and White
Carries colors of red & gold

Daughter of Rylah

Grand Daughter of Rowen
Great Granddaughter of Ollalie Berry
Great Great Granddaughter Of Ruby Scarlett

5th generation here!

8.2 lbs

Ruffles is a super sweet gorgeous girl with a fun fun personality. She is always by my side wanting to be picked up and get her back scratches!!

We look forward to her babies late 2024!
She is looking for her boyfriend now. ♥



Garden’s Shady Lady
Gorgeous rarer Red Liver (Chocolate)
Carries colors of red, gold, & more 

Daughter of Savvy
Granddaughter of Cheri
Great granddaughter of Spicy

Lines of Shangsu, Pibs,
Sweet and Sassy, Robbins Nest

Well known pedigree

9 lbs

Fern is a super sweet gorgeous girl that loves to give kisses and be near your side, just like her Mommy! 

We are excited to see her babies in 2023!



Garden’s Chasing the Tide

Orange Chocolate sable girl with white tuxedo markings

Daughter of Tallulah Belle
Granddaughter to Alioop
Great Granddaughter to Cheyenne

Well known Pedigree
Carries white, black, red, & gold

 8.5 lbs

Ebi is so full of wonderful loving personality and playfulness. She always has us laughing at her adorable antics. She likes to cuddle in my neck for a nap and gives me lots of kisses when I need to get up! 



Garden’s Winter Goddess 

Cream and White Parti

Carries chocolate, red, gold, silver, and black

Well known AKC pedigree

8.6 lbs

Born right here in our Garden ~ 4th generation!

Daughter of retired Tallulah Belle, Granddaughter of Alioop, Great granddaughter to Cheyenne

She has a delightful fun personality ~ super sweet and loving with a little bit of sass! She loves to be outside in our garden playing with her other friends here.

We are very excited to hopefully see her pups in 2024!!


Garden’s Hopes and Dreams

Rare Vibrant Red and White with beautiful markings!

Carries Chocolate, Gold, and Black

Well known AKC Pedigree

9.6 lbs

Born here in our Garden, 4th generation of Redheads!

Daughter of Rowen, Granddaughter of Ollalie Berry, Great Granddaughter OF Ruby Scarlett.

Rylah is a very loving girl that has a fun personality and keeps us smiling with her antics and playfulness. She is close by my side most of the time and is a super Mommy to her babies.


Garden’s Born on Memorial Day

Tri colored Gold and White Parti marked.

Carries red, chocolate, black, silver, and possibly white.

 9 lbs

5th generation girl here at the Garden!!

Daughter of Rylah, Granddaughter of Rowen, Great granddaughter to Ollalie, Great Great granddaughter to Ruby Scarlett.

 5th Generation Here!

Well known pedigree with a strong line of Reds!

Honor is super sweet, playful, and a top notch cuddler! 

Looking forward to seeing her babies in 2022!

Pedigrees and Puppy References Available Upon Request.

We are certainly proud of all our Tzu's!

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