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Available Adults

Available Adults


Our super sweet and loving Princess Pandy is now Available!

She is our beautiful black/silver and white girl that was just spayed and teeth cleaned in and is now fully recovered and ready to join her new loving forever family.
Loves be with you and sit on your lap. Born here on 12.28.2019, she is now a little over 4 years old. She is a very chill, quiet, and relaxed girl, and has many
years of the best companionship you could ever want! 

See more of her photos growing up here at Pandy’s Page | Shih Tzu Garden

She is currently 11.5 lbs and would be so happy in a home where she is the only dog or maybe 1 other, no children (she has not been around them much), and her humans home most of the time as this is what she is used to. She also loves her grassy yard and patio to have a sun bath, lay in the cool grass, and get some fresh air. So we are looking for a yard like this for her too.
She has always been very healthy-never a sick day in her life!

We are going to be very picky were she goes as her happiness is our first priority!

We are asking 1850. Price is firm with no discounts on this exceptional adorable girl.
The price is less than what we just paid to have her teeth cleaned and be spayed.


Please read all the info below to see if you are a good fit for this wonderful fur baby before contacting us! Thank you!


We retire our adults when they are usually 3-5 years of age, which means they are still very young and playful.

We will be very picky where they can be placed as we truly want you to have wonderful experience plus give our dogs the best fit loving home to suit his/her already developed and established personality.
We are looking for homes that have a similar environment that our family members are used to and enjoy with a yard to play in,  patio to sun on, and grass area that our dogs love.

Please keep in mind that these dogs are our “children” and have been pampered and spoiled here in the Garden.
You are not doing a “rescue”.

Please be prepared to provide references, have a phone conversation, and complete an adoption questionnaire/application.

We also require you to have prior dog experience and knowledge, preferably Shih Tzu.

Adoption fees are 1500-2500 depending on Age, Sex, and Size. They will come to you spayed/neutered, receive a deep full dental cleaning when appropriate, and any other care needed prior to being adopted. 

A copy of the vet health records will be provided. All dogs will be up to date with vaccines.

Adults are sold AS-IS, no health guarantee is made or implied.

Our dogs are very special to us and we want to make sure they are being adopted by loving forever pet homes.

We do recommend new homes enroll them in some basic training which is a wonderful time to bond with your new dog.

We welcome the new owner to our wonderful “Shih Tzu Garden Family” and want to receive updates and photos so we know they are happy and see their smiling faces. ♥


Serious inquiries and local homes (within 3 hours) only please. You must drive here to meet them.

If you feel you can provide a loving forever home and able to give the items the dogs are used to, please feel free to email or call us. We would love to talk to you on the phone.  ♥



Click for: Adult Adoption Form 
(Opens in a new window as a PDF file)

Please review before contacting us.
Please do not fill out this form – only for your review to become familiar with our policies.
We will send you an adoption questionnaire form to complete first when we do have a young adult available.
Thank you!



Please Email us at:

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