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Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Karen and I have lived in California all my life. I have raised two amazing sons who are now 39, the doctor, and 38, the computer guru. They both got married recently and we are very blessed to have our new wonderful daughters-in-law join the family.

My Mom also lives nearby and can be seen quite frequently here at the Shih Tzu Garden to check on the pups and is our number one puppy assistant! I had many dogs and cats growing up and have always loved having animals around and even sleeping with me in bed.

I have worked for over 25 years in medical imaging, specializing in high risk OB ultrasound. The many nights at the hospital finally took their toll and I switched to helping people find their homes to live in.

I am also a Notary Public, which means I have had a background check performed. What does that mean to you? I am a person of high integrity, honesty and I hope to win your trust in choosing me to provide you with your new fur baby. I will be here for lifetime support with any questions or concerns. I love to chat about the dogs!


Family Lake Tahoe Vacation

So it makes perfect sense that I would find a hobby bringing happiness, joy, and caring to other people’s lives. Shih Tzu’s! Who knew? I got one and then another and another and it continues on. Each comes with their own very special personality.

They are sooo loving & affectionate, playful, and a loyal companion eager to please. Not a yapper or high strung or obsessive they are a very peaceful breed though will bark a little if the doorbell rings. They love people, children, other dogs, and even cats with their warm and very friendly nature.

A toy breed that is on the smaller side, they love to travel with you, go on car rides, sit in restaurants, or just cuddle with you on your lap. They do not require a long walk to drain lots of energy or extensive exercise when you get home from work, though they do love a shorter jaunt out. (Perfect for older folks and retirees)

And did I mention they are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding? Yes, there are really no hairs all over the house!  They do require grooming or can just be clipped down to a puppy cut if you prefer. These angels are inside dogs, great for apartment living, and do require lots of human contact. They also love the toys that you will love to get them. Just watch their faces light up!

Me and mom

Me and my Mom

And colors?  Yes, they come in a rainbow of colors. You are sure to have a favorite or two.  Everyone should have the joy of being owned by a Shih Tzu!

(For you returning VIP happy puppy mommies and daddies, be sure to ask about the special pricing on your second or more new fur baby!)

So I always say, don’t postpone joy, add your loving companion Shih Tzu today!


Karen & Family


Please email us: karen@shihtzugarden.com

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