Our Promise

Our Promise to You


“Just living isn’t enough”, said the butterfly,
“one must also have freedom, sunshine, and a little flower ”  ♥ (Shih Tzu) ♥

~Hans Christian Anderson~


We promise you will receive:

A happy and healthy pup that has been pampered (and I mean pampered!) daily in our home (never in a kennel or crate) and has a large yard with grass to scamper around in and enjoy the fresh air.

Puppies that have been bred from dogs (our pets first, breeders second) carefully chosen from around the USA.

They are cherry picked for beauty, health, conformation, and champion pedigrees so we can offer you the Crème de la Crème.
These chosen dogs do not come cheap to us either!

Dogs with lines of champions show that many breeders have strived to better the breed with attention to the reduction of genetic disorders and constantly correcting confirmation to the closest to the AKC accepted high standards.

Even though you think you would just like a pet, please consider this important detail as to the continuing good health of your new fur baby for years to come. It is heartbreaking to fall in love with your baby and find out later health problems not to mention the vet bills. It is much wiser to invest a little more in the beginning or you could pay a much higher price later on. Doesn’t that make sense?

Lifetime Support:

  • There is truth that you do get what you pay for. Quality is never a mistake.
  • We do basic health testing before breeding to help prevent this heartache later on.
  • Up to date on shots and complete preventive deworming.
  • Lifetime Support.
  • Multiple vet checks on our adults for genetic and health screening.
  • Starter quality organic/holistic puppy food pack with soft and dry kibble of what pup is eating.

We feed our angels Farmina puppy kibble with no added preservatives, wheat, corn, soy, chemicals, and ingredients you do not recognize. We chose our food carefully as we believe you are what you eat.
Please go to DogFoodAnalysis.com or DogFoodAdvisor.com to evaluate how the brands are being rated. We also may change the food as we learn of brands that may be better for our fur babies.

Only wholesome ingredients to get the puppies the best start that they deserve.

Goody bag filled with a bag of current dry and wet food pup is eating, blanky with Mom’s scent, favorite plush toy and squeaky toy, folder full of information on raising a pup, additional pamphlets and AKC registration papers (after proof of spay/neuter provided). Truly a puppy pack care package with everything you need to get started!

Before you receive your pup, they will have been used to getting their nails trimmed, bathed, and getting all of their body parts touched and handled. This helps with the transition to you and starting socializing early. Your vet will appreciate this as you puppy is comfortable with the basics already!

They also have been socialized and raised with other dogs and people to help with the transition to your home. They come to you 85-90 % potty pad trained and sleeping the night.

We invest a good deal of money and time (that is why our prices are what they are) to bring you these quality puppies including many nights up tending to whelping Mommies or newborn puppies. We have the passion it calls for as this can be the most exciting and stressful thing we do all at the same time! Breeding is truly a labor of love…

We are certainly proud of our Tzu’s and will not scrimp to offer you less quality. We will always strive to maintain our high standard of care giving and excellence.

Our puppies come to you very happy, alert, smart, friendly, outgoing, confident, and beautiful.

And did we mention that very important lifetime support?

All we ask is that you give your new fur angel the same love that we have given!

Get ready for lots of fun, laughter, affection, a playmate, and a loving companion by your side eager to please you in every way!

Past Puppy References available upon Request. Please check out what others are saying under the testimonial page!


Our Trusted Vets:

Gilroy Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Dennis Harrigan, and Dr. Ashley Hoyt
9565 Monterey Hwy. ~ Gilroy, California 95020
408-842-9348 ~ gvh@garlic.com

Orchard Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Patricia Sera and Dr. Lori Kayashima
1205 1st Street
Gilroy CA 95020


Our Vision here at Shih Tzu Garden is to always strive to better the breed, collaborate with others sharing the same mission, and provide wonderful healthy, gorgeous, happy puppies for you.