Coat colors

Black, Blue (Platinum), or Liver
(Cinnamon or Chocolate) Pigments


Cinnamon (Liver) Pigment


Can be a multitude of shades of light reds

Solid Cinnamon and Cinnamon and White Coats



Cream and White

Red (Sienna) and White


Solid Red

Chocolate (Liver) Pigment


Must have a chocolate coat & nose
in solid or white and chocolate color

Solid Chocolate and Chocolate and White Coats


Chocolate nose and coat

Platinum (Blue) Pigment

Platinum must have a blue grey nose as pictured and light eyes

Solid Platinum and Platinum and White Coats


These pictures are compliments of Belinda at Rockyhill Kennel

All others have Black pigment

Black and White Coats

Champagne (aka gold) with a black mask Coats

Sable (mixed colors) and White Coats

Solid Sterling Silver and Sterling and White Coats (dark eyes)


Solid Auburn (Red) and Auburn and White Coats

Red with Black Mask

Solid Gold or Copper and Copper and White Coats


Solid Gold with Black Mask

Solid Black Coats


Marble or Brindle Coats

Black and others colors that do not mix together at the skin.

As you can see from the examples below, a marble coat is striped like a tabby cat or in some cases the coat is patchy like a calico cat.
What makes a champagne marble and not just a champagne with a black mask and black tipping for instance is that at the skin the colors will defiantly be separate and not mixed together.

These are some examples:

Sable Brindle/marble


Sterling Brindle/Marble


Black Brindle/Marble


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