Past Puppies


Our Fur Babies may leave our home but never our hearts…

We think about you often and hope you give and receive your kisses and hugs everyday.

If you have a puppy from us, please please send us photos!



*Sweet Melly*

~ Garden’s addicted to Watermelon ~

Click to See Melly’s Past Puppies!



~ Garden’s Shady Lady ~

Click to See Fern’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Born on Memorial Day~

Click to See Honor’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Hopes and Dreams~

Click to See Rylah’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Smart and Sweet~

Click to See Savvy’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Chasing the Tide~

Click to See Ebi’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Panda Princess~

Click to See Pandy’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Golden Glitter Celebration~


Click to See Confetti’s Past Puppies!


*Ollalie Berry*

~Garden’s Rue La La~

Click to See Ollalie’s Past Puppies 


*Tallulah Belle*

~Garden’s Belle of the Ball~

Click to See Tallulah Belle’s Past Puppies 



~Garden’s Little Red One (Irish)~

Click to See Rowan’s Past Puppies



~Garden’s Princess Charlotte~


Click to See Charlotte’s Past Puppies 



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