Our Fur Babies may leave our home but never our hearts…

We think about you often and hope you give and receive your kisses and hugs everyday.

If you have a puppy from us, please please send us photos!
WE LOVE THEM and will put them on our website!



~Garden’s Chasing the Tide~

Click to See Ebi’s Past Puppies!



~Garden’s Panda Princess~

Click to See Pandy’s Past Puppies!




~Garden’s Golden Glitter Celebration~


Click to See Confetti’s Past Puppies!

*Ollalie Berry*

~Garden’s Rue La La~

Click to See Ollalie’s Past Puppies 

*Tallulah Belle*

~Garden’s Belle of the Ball~

Click to See Tallulah Belle’s Past Puppies 


~Garden’s Little Red One (Irish)~

Click to See Rowan’s Past Puppies



~Garden’s Princess Charlotte~


Click to See Charlotte’s Past Puppies 


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