Rowen’s Babies

    AKC full name ~ Garden’s Little Red One

   Born Right Here in the Garden


Rowen & Redmond had 1 boy and 2 girls 11.6.19!





Please meet:

*Roody* ~ now *Fuller*
Honey Gold and White Boy


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:




Please meet:

*Rosebud* ~ now *Clio*

Red and White girl


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:



Please meet:


Red and White girl

Staying Here!



At 2 weeks:



At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:






Rowen and Redmond had 1 girl and 3 boys on 4.22.19

*Reina*, now *Daisy*

Red, Tan, and White (tri colored) girl with dark mask 

“Daisy is amazing. She cuddles with me every night when we watch tv and won’t let me leave her sight. She has become my shadow like my last shih tzu 😊  My husband is a little jealous, but I do spoil her with a lot of play time, kisses, and I am home everyday since I work from home. We take her everywhere we go, like a weekend trip to Bodega Bay. We are even taking her on our 5 year wedding anniversary trip to Point Reyes! She just sleeps in her car seat happy to be with us. She loves everyone, kids and adults. She wags her tail whenever someone approaches. She loves other dogs. She is great on a leash. She is super smart. She knows how to ring the bell to go potty and we got her potty trained in about 1 month. She knows how to sit, lie down, stay, shake, high five, give kisses, and go to her bed.

We just love her so much. We feel complete again after the loss of our last shih tzu. We tried to have a family a few years ago, but I found out I couldn’t have children, so this fills that hole completely 😊  We do want to get a second fur child once we buy a house which hopefully will happen in the next year or so, I will keep you updated.

Thank you again and good luck on this next litter. You breed the most perfect shih tzus! I need to get business cards made so that when people ask where I got her, which is pretty much everyone we meet, I can just hand them a card! Hahaha! I will send you photos every year so you can see how Daisy is doing. I am just so thankful for you!”



*Remington*, still *Remington* (Remy)

Striking Dark Red, Tan and White (Tri Colored) parti boy


“Hi Karen he is the most cuddly and kissable puppy ever!”




*Rafael*, now *Beau*

Scrumptious Deep Red boy with dark mask 


“Beau is doing great! He is so adorable and very sweet. He and Leo are becoming best buddies! It has been a smooth transition so far. Thank you!”

“Just wanted to give you an update. Beau is doing great! We love him so much. He has been the perfect addition to our family”.

~Biana and family~


*Radar Love*, now *Buster*


“He is a bundle of joy. Please let me know if they have another litter. Buster might need a sibling 😊”






Rowen and Tinker had 3 boys 9.14.18

Please meet *The Boyzz* in birth order:


*Brinx* ~ now *Meshoe*

Handsome Gold with dark mask & splash of white on chest


At 6 weeks:

Meshoe is such a joy and a rascal but that makes us love him even more. Likes to go for rides in the car. Loves everybody he greets. Has learned numerous commands and just so cute and special. I will try to send you a picture, not too computer savvy doing such. Thanks again for providing such a loving member to our family. 

~Rick and Susan~ 



*Blackjack* ~ now *Baxter*

Beautifully marked Black/Silver and White parti marked Boy

At 6 weeks:


Baxter with his “sister” Mia, also from us out of Confetti and Everly

“We’re beyond happy (even though they are into everything)!!”

~Dave & Sue~


*Blinker* ~ now *Winston*

Outstanding Red Boy with splash white chest and tummy



At 6 weeks:



Hi Karen, he is doing so well and we are just head over heels for this little man!

Thank you for trusting us with him, we couldn’t love him more if we tried!

We just celebrated Winston’s first birthday!! He continues to be the most amazing little baby ever ! To say we adore him is an understatement.♥

~Sheila and Family~




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