Charlotte’s Past Babies

AKC Full Name ~ *Garden’s Princess Charlotte*

Born Right Here in the Garden


Charlotte as a Newborn:


Charlotte and Tinker Toy had
2 parti marked girls

Violet and Orchid 


Please meet:

*Violet*, now *Chia*

Black/Silver and white Parti marked girl

Chia is the smartest, protective, fast learner, stubborn, caring, sweetest baby in the world. She has a lot of friends two and four legged, she loves everyone & they love her. She is the most socialized baby, thanks to you!!!

~ Adele~

*Orchid*, *now Cosmo*

Red and White Parti marked girl


Just wanted to update you on Cosmo, and send you paperwork showing she’s been spayed.  She is an amazing, happy, funny little girl who has won everyone’s heart.  Hope all is well with you and the puppies.
~ Toni~



Charlotte and Tinker Toy are the parents
of 2 parti marked boys.


Please meet our little “Inventor Boys”:


*Einstein*, still *Einstein*

Black/Silver and white boy


♥  With his new “Big Brother”  ♥

We love him so much. He is doing great!



*Edison*, now *Nacho*

Classic Tri-colored boy- gold & white with black markings


Hi Karen,

     I can hardly believe he’s already a year old.  As he has grown, our love for him has also grown.  More and more each day!  He is just so darn cute and smart, and sweet and EVERYTHING!  I really could go on and on about him but I know you must hear this from all the pet parents who have been fortunate enough to have one of your little angels.  I am so thankful he is in our lives,