Tallulah Belle’s Babies

AKC full name ~ *Garden’s Belle of the Ball*

Born Right Here in the Garden!


Tallulah as a Newborn:


Her Past Babies:


Tallulah and Redmond had 4 exquisite babies on 3.14.20

2 girls and 2 boys!


Please meet:

*Nova* ~ now *Rambo*
Cream and white boy


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:

At 6 weeks:



*Twinkles* ~ now *Bucky*
Cream and white boy


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:



At 6 weeks:



*Aspen* ~ Staying Here! 
Cream and white girl


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:



*Misty* ~ now *Maggie Mae* 
Black/Silver and White girl


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:



Tallulah & Redmond babies born 1.16.19



*Veronica*, now *Jacqui*

Gorgeous rarer Cream and White Parti marked Girl




*Valentino*, still *Valentino- Tino for short*

Gorgeous rarer Cream and White Parti marked Boy


“He’s such a sweetheart!  He is crazy about my youngest daughter and prefers her over all of us and we get so jealous. lol
Tino is very smart. He’s earned a few things but my favorite is when I ask him for a hug and he jumps on my chest and plants his arms around my neck and places his face on my mouth for a kiss. When I stop kissing he puts more pressure on my face for me to continue with kisses.”




*Venus*, now *Coco* Chanel

Stunning red/gold and white nicely marked parti girl

“She is a sweetie!!” She is a travel pup! She jumps on her harness and bag every time we bring it out because she knows we’re going out. Haha”




*Little Vivian*, now *Rosie*

“Our Pretty Woman”

Gorgeous rarer Cream and White Parti marked Girl

“She really has beautiful markings and quite a spunky personality! She is 5 pounds.”





Tallulah and Everly had their 3 girls and 1 boy 6.25.18

Please meet the *Beach Bums*!


6.5 weeks

*Carmel* ~ now Chica

Exquisite Chocolate tux girl
She has white stocking feet, white chest & tummy, white blaze on head and chin, white tip of tail… soo cute!



(Santa) *Cruz*, now Oliver

Yummy Chocolate and white parti marked boy


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:


*Capistrano* ~ now “Becca”

Smaller yummy orangey chocolate girl with gorgeous face and light rare tux markings. Will be a showstopper!

At 6 weeks:


“Thank for all the info. We love her! She’s a goof ball and very sweet!”



*Cambria*~Staying Here ~ now *Ebi*

Exquisite Chocolate & Orange tuxedo marked girl


At 6 weeks:




With Tinker Toy (8.5 lbs)

had 3 boys and 2 girls on 11.18.17.


Please meet the Tallulah and Tinkers “T Parti’s” in the birth order!

They all have *Parti* markings, meaning white with another color.


*Titan* ~  now *Enzo*

Beautifully marked black/silver and white male

At 6 weeks:


*Tumi* ~ now *Liam*

Tiny yummy cream and white boy
Will look like Mommy with black pigment

At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:



*Tula* ~now *Keiki* (Hawaiian for Heavenly)!

Honey gold and white girl -may lighten


At 4 weeks:


At 6 weeks:




* Truly*, now *Tutu*

Black/silver and white girl

* Toby*, now *Boomer*

Black/silver and white boy

“Bella and Boomer”

  “Bella and Boomer are both doing great and have been a wonderful addition to our family! Boomer is just shy of 6 lbs. He is doing great along with his big sister. They play great together and most nights sleep in the same bed. So blessed to have them in our home.” 

Joey and Family

Bella also came from Shih Tzu Garden

Tallulah Belle (Alioop’s daughter) and Jiggy Babies

Tallulah and Jiggy’s litter ~ dob 9.30.16


Please meet:

*Ambrosia* – still Ambrosia -*Amy*

Black-Silver and White girl


At 2 weeks:

At 4 weeks:


She weighs 5lbs 4oz and is amazing and is in charge of me and Mike in a great and loving way.

We take her everywhere with us, restaurants, wineries, stores, etc. and she brings so much joy to everyone that comes into contact with her. She is so special to us, thank you for bringing her into our lives.




*Ace* ~ now Mr. Wiggies

Beautifully Marked Chocolate and White boy

Mr. Wiggies with  his older blind and deaf “brother”, RIP Fabio




*Astrid*, now *Bella*

Pretty Gold and White girl