Confetti’s Babies

“Confetti’s Babies”

     AKC full name ~ Garden’s Golden Glitter Celebration

Born Right Here in the Garden!



Confetti & Redmond had 2 boys and 1 girl 12.28.19 !!!


At 7 weeks


Please meet:

*Calvin* ~ now *Snickers*

Tri colored Gold tuxedo marked boy ~ Will lighten like Mom


At 2 weeks:


Please meet:

*Hobbs*~ now *Jaxon*

Black/Silver boy with splash of white on chest


At 2 weeks:



Please meet:

Black and White Girl 
~ Staying Here


At 2 weeks:



Confetti & Redmond had 2 girls & 3 boys on 5.4.19 in the wee hours of the night




*Casen*~ now *Tato*

Stunning Red with splash of White boy 




*Colton* ~ now *Rex*

Handsome Gold with dark mask boy 



*Charlene*~ still *Charlene*

Beautiful marked Red and White girl 



*Chase*~ now *Bentley*

Handsome Gold with splash of White and dark mask boy  



*Charm*~ now *Evi*

Rarer Stunning Orange Chocolate Sable girl





Confetti x Tinkers 4 Babies!



*Emerson* ~ now *Bear*

At 6 weeks


Bear was part of a surprise proposal! New ring and puppy! What could be better!!!

“He was a huge hit. the proposal went great!!!! My sis is in love with Bear, he is perfect!”
~Tanush & Aranee~

*Easton* ~ now *Jack*



*Jack* on his first birthday!


*Everly* ~ now *Charlie*

Tri Colored male ~ gold, white, and black markings



“He has the best personality!!! We love him so much!!  He is such a lover!!  We went to the groomer for the first time today.
Groomer asked how I got two relaxed and chilled dogs. I am such a lucky gal to have such great pooches!  Thank you!”

Charlie went to live with Sherri who has another dog from us, so he has a big sister! He is about 5.8 lbs.

*Emelia* – now *Maizee*

Black/Silver with white tuxedo markings

At 6 weeks:


“My husband and daughter adore her! She is beautiful and healthy. A real darling! She is a very smart dog and really communicates well about her needs. She follows us every single step and learned to greet us at the gate. We all love her so much. She is a great addition to the family! We love her so much!”
~D’Agostino Family~


Confetti’s and Tinker’s 4 beautiful newborns were born in the wee hours on 6.21.17!


Please meet:

Image result for disney prince phillip graphic

*Prince Phillip*~ now *Arjun*

Classic Black/Silver and White male


We are IN LOVE with our little boy!! We have named him Arjun (which means warrior).
He is lovable, inquisitive, warm, fluffy, and just great!


   Image result for flora fauna merryweather graphic

*Flora*~ now *Katie*

Stunning Red-Gold Tux marked girl with full blanket back


Hi Karen, She is the light of our life. Really starting to discover so many things. When I pick her up she holds my arm, and that melts my heart. You did a wonderful job with her and she just melted right into our family, never afraid of anything. She is very smart, and Daddy is teaching to fetch. She catches on very quick.♥ Love her so…much.

~ Lynda~

   Image result for flora fauna merryweather graphic

*Fauna*~ now *Zoey*

Gorgeous Red & White girl


“She is a trooper with the potty pads and is sooooo affectionate! We adore her! Thank Karen. We could not possibly love her more!!
She is our sweet beautiful girl, everybody in our neighborhood adores her. She loves to go for a rides and charm everybody she meets, and she absolutely loves everyone but children are her favorites. We are so grateful to have found you and to have Zoey in our family!

   Image result for flora fauna merryweather graphic

*Merryweather*~ now *Frankie*

Adorable Black/Silver tiny girl with splash of white on chest, under chin, and forehead


Frankie (on left) and her sister Charlie (half sister also from Shih Tzu Garden)!

    I’m 12 weeks almost 3 lbs! I’m potty trained and sleep til 7am!
I love playing with Charlie.

Frankie is very clever!! and Smart!! We love her!

Thank you!

~Kathy & Charlie~

Confetti and Everly had 2 girls and 3 boys 9.13.18.


*Pilot* ~ now * Simba*

Beautifully marked Chocolate and White Parti Boy


At 6 weeks:



*Pia* ~ now *Charlotte*

Stunning Small Red and white Girl with white stocking feet and chin


At 6 weeks:


Charlotte is doing so good. She has been using her potty pad and being such a good girl! We got her lots of toys aNd she has been playIng. She is very sweet anD has been giving kisses ♥♥  She is such an angel.

~Matt and Sarah~

Thank you for your service Matt!

*Popo*~ now *Ollie*

Yummy Chocolate with splash white Boy


At 6 weeks:


*Pipsy* ~ now *Mia*

Yummy solid chocolate Girl with tiny splash of white on chest

At 6 weeks:



“Happy? Were beyond happy! Clean bill of health from the vet too.”

Dave & Sue

Mia went home with another puppy from us, Baxter, so they each have a buddy.♥♥


*Pooter* ~ now * Rio*

Beautifully marked Red and white Boy with white stocking feet


At 6 weeks


Hi Karen! My sweetie Rio is doing great! Thank you! It’s been awhile since we had a baby dog, like 17 years- but i’m loving every minute! I’ll be for sure be getting another pup, am aiming for 6 months or so. Am on the list for a girl to add to our family while I am on sabbatical.



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