Ebi’s Past Puppies

AKC full name ~ *Garden’s Chasing the Tide**

Born Right Here in the Garden!


Ebi as a Newborn and 10 weeks old:

Ebi as a young Mommy



Ebi and Rooty had 2 girls and 2 boys! 

Please meet:
Chocolate and White boy

Please meet:
Chocolate and White girl with tuxedo markings ~ Staying here!

Please meet:
Chocolate and White girl with light tux markings


Please meet:
Chocolate and White boy




 Ebi & Tinker had 1 gold and white girl and 1 black/silver and white boy on 10.27.21!

6 weeks at Christmas Time:


Please meet:
*Rip*, now *Riley*
Black/Silver and White boy

At 2.5 weeks: 


At 4 weeks:


Growing up:

“He is such a very active little guy! He is loving life ♥. Loves to play. Love love love him!!”
“Riley had his check  up. He is perfect!”
~ Alma ~


Please meet:
*Beth*, now *Masha*
Gold and White Tuxedo Marked Girl

At 2.5 weeks:


At 4 weeks: 


Growing up:

“She got her first haircut and is snacking on some ice. She was such a good girl”
“We just love her so much. She has such a sweet temperament and loves to play and give kisses.”
~ Lauren and Trent ~




Ebi and Redmond had 2 girls and 1 boy on 2.8.21


Please meet:

*Magnolia*, still Magnolia
Cream and White Girl

Hi Karen, Here are some recent pictures of Magnolia. We just adore her!
~ Tina ~


Please meet:

*Marigold*, now Ellie
Gold and White Tuxedo marked Girl

“Her obedience training is going splendidly.  We just finished one and the trainer is very pleased with her progress.  (and mine.  I am being trained also!)  She is on track to be a pediatric therapy dog and the cancer floor.  She loves people, and dogs.  She has no clue how small she is and loves the German shepherd up the street.  She gazes through the fence with unbounded love.  He totally ignores her.  I tell her this is life with boys!  :-)”



Please meet:

*Matteo*, now Baxter
Red and White Parti marked Boy


“I feel so lucky to find my baby. He is already my best friend. He is the love of my life! ”



Ebi and Redmond had 1 boy on 3.19.20!


Please meet:

*Hans Solo* ~  still *Hans Solo*
Cream and white boy


At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:

At 6 weeks:



With new family:


“He is doing very good.  He  is very much potty trained now. And he sleeps with us in our bed. Very spoiled!
We love his color.  He has a heart shaped marking! 😊
He has been our SIP puppy, my work from home companion. “

~ Happy Le and Family ~