Pandy’s Page

Garden’s Panda Princess- *Pandy*

   Born right here in the Garden – 3rd generation!


      Mommy ~ Confetti                                                Daddy ~ Redmond


Pandy as a Newborn:

2 weeks:

4 weeks:

6 weeks:                                          First Tutu

12 weeks:

5 months:


8 months:

Princess Pandy has grown into a gorgeous girl as you can see.
She is special as her personality is the most chill and loving of all of our girls here.
She would be very happy being on your lap all of the time.
She also loves having a sun bath on the patio or to run & play through the yard and grass
with some of her other Shih Tzu buddies here.

She is the best Mom to her babies and loves them so very much.

And we love her to the moon, stars, and back!! ♥