Drizzy’s Page


Darlyn’s Lil Fudge Drizzle Dream of the Garden

Drizzy’s Daddy                        Drizzy’s Mommy

Baby Drizzy

Newborn and baby girl


8 weeks- just arrived here..

Drizzy Dream and I

Six Month Birthday ~

Where’s my eyes?

First Christmas!  7 mos

Easter 2009, a teenager


Sun Bathing Beauty in the Garden

(The sun is very bright and high in the sky. Her color is darker than this and she is more an orange liver now with just a drizzle of fudge highlights!)

Yes, her tongue is really that pink and people always comment on it when she is about the town!

Drizzy Dream has grown into a miniature doll baby princess~6 lbs!

This was taken in natural light at the dog park to depict her true color.
She has been running around & her hair is a bit messed up, but her color is spot on in the summer!
Very Orangey with Choco highlights


In our garden window box in the winter.
We LOVE this little girl soo much!


Very Pregnant on way to vet for Xrays!
(VERY washed out in bright sun)

Happy Valentines Day!