Tallulah’s Page

“Tallulah Belle”

AKC full name ~ *Garden’s Belle of the Ball*

Born Right Here in the Garden!

Mommy ~ *Alioop*

Daddy ~ *Derby*


As a newborn:

At just 2 weeks, eyes just open

At 4 weeks

At 6 weeks

With her brother, Little Tank!:

At 8 weeks in her first dress:

At 12 weeks;

At 5 mos:

All grown up!

Tallulah is a dainty spunky girl that loves to be busy outside.

 She is very agile and sails over most anything like a deer!  
She is very fast running through the yard.

Then she jumps up into my arms and loves to plant a big kiss right on my lips! 
She loves to kiss and her tail wags a hundred miles per hour!

Our Beautiful Tomboy who loves to get dirty!…