Chéri’s Page


      AKC Full Name ~ *Gardens Cherished Fleur*

    (Pronounced Like Mon Chéri)

Born Right Here in the Garden!


Mommy Spicy


Daddy Magic



Chéri as a Newborn:


At 2 weeks, her eyes just opened:


At 4 week old puppy showing her nice smooshie face:


As a 6 week puppy in her first dress:


Chéri at 18 weeks:

All grown up!

Chéri, just like her Mommy, is super sweet, loves lots of human attention, and does not like to get to far away from me or her playmates.

She still loves to curl up next to her Mom on the couch, just like when she was a newborn.

We are so excited to see her first babies in 2015!