AKC full name ~ Garden’s Golden Glitter Celebration
Born Right Here in the Garden!

Mommy ~ Chloe

Daddy ~ Tinker



As a newborn (on top):

At just 2 weeks, eyes just open

At 4 Weeks

At 6 weeks in her first dress:

With her brother, Cheers!:

At 8 weeks she is off and running!

At 4 mos:

At 5.5 mos:

At 7 mos:

Confetti is a super affectionate girl that loves to be near by you. She is very inquisitive of anything going on around her and has a keen sense for detail. For example, I planted a new rose in the yard (she did not see me do this) and within 1 hr she had discovered the new item and brought me the tag from the plant in the house. She also loves to pick me all the flowers and also bring them into the house. We hope she outgrows this! LOL

She is super soft like velvet and loves to be massaged and kissed.

We love her big dark luminous eyes that have look like they have eye liner, her thick soft coat, and her silly playfulness.

She is a super wonderful cuddler!!

Our Fancy Princess…