Lily’s Page


AKC full name ~ *Garden’s Tiger Lily*

 Born Right Here in the Garden!



Mommy ~ *Doodle Smooch*      Daddy ~ *Jiggy*


*Tiger Lily*

Vibrant red and white parti with chocolate nose, a beautiful combination of both parents ~ 9 lbs

As a newborn:


At just 2 weeks, eyes just open

At 6 weeks:

At 8 weeks:

At 8 weeks in her first dress:

With her siblings:

At 5 mos:


At 8 mos:

With her Tiara

Lily is a super sweet girl that loves to be by my side or any with other human around.

 She thinks she is the only dog here and should be on my lap at all possible times!

 Lily is very agile like a cat and sails over most anything!

She is very inquisitive, alert, and sharp, never missing a thing going on around here.

Very affectionate and always giving kisses!