Rubily’s Page

“Ruby Scarlett” ~ aka “Rubily”
(like Jubilee because she is so happy)

Garden’s Ruby Scarlett Stealer of Hearts



Rubily’s Daddy ~ Boom Boom      Rubily’s Mommy

Rubily’s Brother


Baby Ruby Scarlett




Chloe and Rubily Xmas 2008




Happy Valentines!



 Rubily (here in a puppy cut) and Doodle Smooch are chillin at the backyard door, not wanting to go out in the rain!!
Just look at her huge eyes!
She talks and talks and talks in her own special throaty voice and is our smartest dog by far. Her favorite toy is squeaker toys and she is very selective as to the ones she will claim as hers.

 Totally has us trained now. LOL




Our Precious Princess

 A very sweet gentle soul she is…