Rowen’s Page


AKC full name ~ Garden’s Little Red Girl

 Born Right Here in the Garden!

Mommy Ollalie

Daddy Jiggy

Grandmother ~ Our *Ruby Scarlett* Stealer of Hearts

Newborn Rowen:

At 4 weeks:

At 6 weeks in her first Tutu:

At 4.5 months:

At 6 months:

At 6 months:

At 10 months:

Rowen is just as sweet and loving as her Mother and Father.

She has great conformation, super thick soft shiny coat and great movement. 
We should have taken her in the show ring before we cut her hair.

She is a gorgeous dog that we hope to carry on our strong red lines.

She is like her Mommy ~ super smart! Self taught doggy door,l eash trained immediately, & potty trained quickly. And boy she does not miss a thing around here! Ollalie and her are like 4 year olds compared to all the others who are my 2 year olds!

She loves playing with Savvy, Everly,and Charlotte! You can see them all racing through the backyard garden and playing chase on a daily basis. Then in the house for a nap!!

A new Queen for the Garden