Tinker’s Page


 AKC Full Name ~ *Garden’s Tinker Toy*


Tinker’s Mommy ~ See You Too Nice and Daddy ~ “Touchie” Touch of Love

Grandmother- “Haven”   and   Grandfather- “Kubby”

At 6 Weeks:

Pick up at airport with Nani ..We just love doing this!!

At 4 mos:

My Mommy says I am a kisser and a cuddler…
she knows me really well!


First Professional Grooming

Playing Outside


More puppy pictures

Happy Halloween 2010!

First Merry Christmas

In full Glory

First mini hair trim Tinker has the most lush full tail we have seen!

First Full Haircut


Tinker has grown into a gorgeous young man now siring litters of puppies with adorable cute baby doll faces just like his own, thick soft full coats, great bites, no eye white, super healthy, rainbow of  colors, and the sweetest affectionate personality you would expect in a top quality Shih Tzu. We could not be more thrilled!