Ollalie’s Past Puppies

 AKC Full Name~ Garden’s Rue La La

Born Right Here in the Garden

Ollalie’s Past Puppies:

Ollalie and Jiggy

Born 9.26.17



Handsome Red Male


*Rowen* ~ Staying Here!

Stunning Red Female with White Chest


Dapper Gold Male with splash of white on chest

*Rianna*, now *Charlotte*

Showstopper smaller dark Red Girl

Ollalie and Tinkers litter ~dob- 9.30.16

2 boys and 1 girl

Please meet:

*Joop*, now Blaze

Gorgeous Red-gold male with white chest and blaze


Please meet:

*Jaxx*, still Jaxx

Red gold male with splash white


Silver black girl ~ now Bella!


Ollalie Berry and Jiggy

“Little Berries”

From Left to Right: Bubba. Bella, & Buddy


“He is 4 1/2 pounds of adorable cuteness with attitude….He is such a brat.  But such a lovable one. Bubba is insanely cute.”    Linda



Now Mocha


“Here he is hanging our on our sailboat, he loves it! Chewy has become Isabella’s dog supposed to be mine he just loves her so much!!

Ollalie ♥♥ Tinker!

Please meet our April Spring Garden babies:


Now *Lani Kai* (means beautiful ocean), living the good life by the Pacific Ocean!

Good Morning Karen,

Lani Kai received gold stars at the first vet appointment yesterday!! She’s adapting so well. Full of energy and spunky. We absolutely love her!!!! Thank you again, Faye

“She is such a good girl. We love her so much. Her color is a very cool ombre.” Faye

*Azalea*, now “Charlie”