AKC Full Name ~ Garden’s in the Winner’s Circle

Mommy Mimsy and Daddy Boom Boom


Derby is the darker baby on the Right

5 weeks:


7-8 weeks:


Arrived at the Garden at 13 weeks via our Puppy Nanny

Giving his Nani some kisses right away!

I am ecstatic!

At 13 weeks:



16 weeks:

5 mos:
Wowzer! look at my eyelashes!



6 mos:

7.5 mos ~ 4.8 lbs

Derby, aka Lil Squirt, has had his first litter with Alioop.
The babies are outstanding!!



He has been tested to carry chocolate and white at US Davis.

He is super short and has a baby doll face and eyes. And oh my goodness he is soo sweet. We really love this tiny little guy. Thank you so muck for letting us have him! (you know who you are)

So check back with us to see more of his exciting babies to come…