Jiggy's Page


Garden's Midnight Gigolo of Willow Hills
aka "The Jiggermeister"!

 Beautifully Marked Red and White Parti
Carries Liver (chocolate)
Outstanding Pedigree
6.4 lbs

Shangsu Lines

Chinese Imperial

He is a spectacular addition & will hopefully be making awesome babies in 2015 here in the Garden!

We searched for this little guy for a long time and he is Perfect example of a smaller Shih Tzu!



Tinker's Page



Garden's Little Tinker Toy

 Perfectly Marked Classic
Black and White Parti Boy
 Carries white - Proven

ines of Vibrant Red, Blue,
& Dobie 
Champion Pedigree
  8 lbs

Shangsu Lines

Chinese Imperial

He has been consistently producing top quality babies!





Everly's Page



Garden's Everlasting Love

Cherry Chocolate, Orange, and White

Carries red and parti

Rarer Tuxedo Markings

Upcoming Daddy in 2018!

Est size 6.5 -7lbs




Sorry, we do NOT offer stud service



Retired Daddies!



Derby's Page




 Garden's In the Winner's Circle

Tiny Honey Gold with Black Mask
Carries white, black, and chocolate & parti's
Many tinies in outstanding pedigree
5.8 lbs

Shangsu Lines

Chinese Imperial

We are thrilled with his babies!
Super sweet temperaments and super cute!








Garden's Magical Crimson Sunrise

Mahogany Red w/Black Mask
Lines of Non Fading Red, Liver (chocolate)
Champion Pedigree
10 lbs


He is a spectacular addition & produced "magical" deep red puppies and adorable babies here in the Garden!
His daughters, Ollalie and
Chéri, are going to carry on his wonderful lines.


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