AKC Full Name ~ Garden's Petite Syrah








Baby Newborn Syrah


2 weeks:


8 weeks



9 weeks








Syrah is a vibrant " I Love Lucy" redhead in a very dainty body. She is a social butterfly with a nice level topline, perfect bite, bright "angel" eyes (no eye white), button nose, thick coat and a nice tail set. Really a wonderful compact body, she is a happy and alert girl with her tail always a wagging,  She has a very feminine walk...so cute along with a nice gait and movement!

 She is a feisty mix of super super sweet and stubborn sassy. A very smart girl, she does not like to miss a thing and is very inquisitive. She entertains us all the time with her hilarious antics and then cuddles in our neck like a newborn baby. Too hard to stay miffed with as she still gets into everything as a youngster. She has so much personality and we LOVE her to pieces.

A Young Lady now:

Can I have a cookie pretty please?

Taken Outside after playing- Still very RED!


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