Spicy's Past Babies








Garden's Spice of Life ~ "Spicy"




Baby Spicy


Now all her Babies!


Spicy and Sparky

~ Stunning Deep Dark Red Babies ~

Named after Fine Red Wine that just gets better with age

Triple Trouble Brewing!



 now "Scarlet"

"She is doing so good, she loves to hang out on the couch with my daughter, my husband really likes her and says she is smart, he and Chloe taught her the doggie door so now she is going in and out of it when ever she likes"


Spectacular girl!




 He is so adorable. (still named Cabby)
Thank you again for letting me have this precious little boy.






 now "Kirby"

Just want to let you know how WONDERFUL Zinny is!
Oh a thousand kisses I have received! Joie de vivre - that's my boy!

He is soooooo smart, soooooo energetic, and loves to sleep with me all night.
You must be complimented for raising such a well socialized lil boy, so healthy and loving (unless he's in the mood to chew me up, HA!)

He is adorable, and I am IN LOVE!

His Puppy Pack care package was grand. Everything so helpful, and his mommy/sibling scented blanket HEAVENLY!

You are my Hero! Thanks again, Jan



Spicy x Magic babies



now "Ember" - "Emmie" lives in Canada!

Hi Karen


Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe & sound. Ember was wonderful. She is adorable, everything I expected and more.


I thought I would put her in a puppy pen first so she could sniff noses with every one and get to know them slowly. But no way she did not want to be in there! So right now she is running around with the 6 younger dogs and doing just fine.

She is very outgoing and I have gotten quite a few kisses already. I can tell she is going to fit in perfectly.


 Thank you so much for this sweet baby girl.



She is so pretty isn't she! You raise gorgeous puppies that turn into gorgeous dogs Karen!
Emmie is one the most loving dogs I have ever had. Her favorite thing is to sit on my lap and lay her head against my chest and then just gaze into my eyes...Linda





now "Maddie"

Hi Karen,


I just wanted to write you and let you know how happy we are with Gamay (Now Madigan or Maddie). She is just a doll. We can't believe what a good little puppy she is! She loves to cuddle and love, and she really loves to play! She even knows how to use the potty pads. Not to mention how adorable she is - such a cutie.

She was tired from the long drive home (she was very good during the drive), so she slept really well through the night and only cried a little in the morning. You're right, she doesn't eat much, but she's doing really well. Her "puppy package" is so helpful and thoughtful! Thank you!
We are impressed with the quality of your breeding and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Shih Tzu!



Maddie -  one year old. - 5.5 lbs

Maddie (on Right) out of Spicy and Magic,
 with her brother Bailey, formerly Caboodle, out of Clementine and Magic




 now "Diego"

A Happy Mother's Day to Doreen!


He is a smart little guy and is doing great!

I am enjoying the magazine you gave me. It has so much great information in it. It is helpful even though I have had a shih tzu in the past. My last guy was very different than Diego and the magazine has helped me be more informed. Diego is so affectionate and I did not have this much cuddling with my last guy so this is just wonderful.

He is sleeping all night in bed with me on my king size pillow next to my head. He wakes me with kisses or by digging in my hair. He is a love. Doreen


My mom had a hard time letting me get a haircut. She just loved my baby look. But I think I am still adorable and I got an A+ from the groomer because I was so good. They were quite impressed with me and of course with you because they felt I was raised really well and prepared for a life of spa days...oh wait, I was actually at a groomers but it felt like a spa because I was so pampered. So what do you think? Aren't I still a cutie.

I hear I have half brothers and sister. Mom showed me their pictures good looking group, kinda take after me. We could all be movie stars. Play Time


He is the most special dog I have ever had.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving





 now "Charish"
went to live with Denise. Gorgeous baby girl!!

Charish is on the right of Santa!



Spicy x Magic
"Little Lovies"


Teeny tiny "Lancelot"

Now 5 lb "Baxter" is busy helping his Daddy on the garage floor with some sawdust and then he likes to help his Mommy on the kitchen counter

Baxter's Ride!-  4.8 lbs he is!

Well, he certainly fills our empty nest. There hasn't been a day when we have not smiled, laughed and enjoyed playing with him or just watch him. He is a very good boy with a sweet temperament. Also, pretty darn smart. Definitely knows many words including treat (which we now have to spell), go, sit, no, stay, and of course - Baxter. We love him so much, thank you, thank you Teri


Little "Lacey"

now "Bella" - 5.6 lbs

Bella is doing fabulous...such a joy. thanks!. hugs gwen




now "Macey"

Hi Karen! My baby, Macey, is doing great. She's so cute and my kids adore her. I'm very happy with her and would like to get her a playmate but I'm not quite ready yet. But you never know, I may see a puppy that could change my mind ;-)



now "Topanga"

We named her Topanga and I will send an email with a few of our favorite pictures. We just LOVE her! She is such a sweet and spunky lite girl. She was incorporated into the family flawlessly, she and our other male shih tzu are best friends. Topanga now has a new human brother Paxton and she never leaves his side.
Thank you,


Spicy x Magic babies

"Little Women"



now "Hula"


"She is such a character! She loves everyone, but is totally a mama's girl.
 Everything I hoped for!!! "     :) Sheri



Stayed here in the Garden

now Garden's Cherished Fleur ~ "

now Garden's Cherished Fleur ~ "


now "Bessie"


"Thank you again for the happiness you have given us.  I hope all the Little Women are aswell adjusted as Bessie.  She seems very happy and we love her!"

Fondly, Barbara




now "Fiona"



Spicy X Tinker

"Little" Stinkers"!

(Celebrity name) 



now "Fitz"

Living in by the beach in Santa Barbara! Thank you Matt and Abi!

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to let you know we made it back to Santa Barbara with Dash. He was SO good in the car, I couldn't believe it. He slept most of the ride; as long as we were holding him, he was happy (he didn't like being put on the floor at all and tried to jump back on our lap as soon as we put him on the floor). He didn't get car sickness or anything. When we got back to the apartment he ate and drank water, used his potty pad, and went to sleep pretty quickly; I was surprised by how relaxed and happy he was in a new environment! We are already completely in love with him, he has such a wonderful personality! Thanks again for letting us have him!




now "Mala"
went to live in Woodside!
Thank you for giving her such a wonderful loving home!

Hi Karen

Hope all is well in puppy land. Sure wish I could get another, just love love Dibby. Her personality is wonderful, if you ever need an additional recommendation don't hesitate to ask. She really is the BEST dog we have ever owned! Smart as a tack, beautiful, coos and gives sweet kisses  Thanks so much!




now "Coco Chanel" ~ 4.5 lbs!

Merry Christmas Karen,

She's only 4 1/2 pounds...and she is a sweetheart...my baby girl!!!


Lovingly owning her new Mommy here in California. :)

Hi karen,
Tell Cheyenne that she has beautiful babies. I bet you are exhausted! What a busy month you have had. Coco is doing so good, her personality is coming out, what a joy. She finally cornered the cat Savannah, was barking at her and jump like she was so big. Loves playing in my bedroom while I'm dressing. I gave her an old glove and she loves dragging it around. Sleeping very well. Perfect baby!!!
Donna and Coco



now "Bodie", 4.5 lbs

is living with a wonderful military family and received our military discount! Thank you so much for doing what you do for our country!

Bodie with his new big brother!

Omg!!!!!! I love him and my son is enjoying him they were watching TV together. He's coming into himself, I love his personality. He the best puppy ever .take care Amanda




 still "Skosh"
stayed right here in California with the
Festejo Family
oh my goodness, how we miss you little one.
Only 6 lbs!
He got a new playmate, Minka from us too!!




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