"Ruby Scarlett" ~ aka "Rubily" ~ Past Babies



Garden's Ruby Scarlett Stealer of Hearts
 ~ "Rubily"


Baby Ruby Scarlett


Now all her babies!




Ruby and Jacob Jingle-Heimer Schmidt


"Joyful" Angels!

From Left to Right:
J`Adore, Joy, Juicy,

The Sisterhood: J'Adore Juicy, Joy


still J`Adore  

Hi Karen. I can't wait till she starts puppy training classes. She is going to blow them away. She is very, very smart. She is so eager to please and learns so fast. So far she speaks on command and is learning to sit and sit up.



 now Riley,

We miss you baby girl. Gone to be cherished by Kelly. Thank you!

Karen, I named the puppy Riley. We had fun with her until bedtime when she cried and cried: (it was so sad. She finally fell asleep and was good as new in the morning. We had fun yesterday, she is even using the potty patch on her own, I can't believe it, it one day!




still "Joop"
staying right here in Gilroy with Metra and another pup from, us, Mia!
What a love bug!

He is soo sweet...




 now "Joy Belle"

We miss you baby girl but know you have a wonderful home!
Isn't she spectacular!

I just want to thank you for being such an incredible shih tzu breeder! I decided to keep Joy as her name. It seems to fit her since she brings so much joy to my life & is such a wonderful puppy! I fell in love with her the moment she jumped out of her crate when I picked her up at the airport. She was tired after her long flight. She is loving her new life here in Tennessee & is fitting in great with my other 2 shih tzus. She is so smart & catches on to things so quickly. She LOVES her food & treats! I can't believe how high she can jump...she looks like a little pogo stick...LOL. She likes to play with the others but will also take a toy & go off by herself to play. She is such a sweetheart! 
I decided to change Mikey's name to Wrigley. He was also so exhausted after his long flight across the country. I couldn't believe how tiny he was when I took him out of his crate. He has been such a good puppy. He loves his puppy play pen & all his toys. He loves to flip his bed upside down, get under it & walk around. It is so funny! He makes lots of funny sounds when he plays with his toys. His little growl & bark are so cute. He is doing good with his potty & leash training. He gets so excited when I open the food container or the treat jars. He weighed 2.8 pounds at 13 weeks & is still little. He is all fluffy hair. He wiggles his tail all the time & loves to give kisses. I can't wait to see how he turns out as an adult. I will keep you posted with pictures & updates.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own & love 2 of your puppies! The past 2 months have been wonderful & I look forward to many years with Joy & Wrigley! 

Nashville, TN

Angela got THREE babies from us (different litters).
"Mikey" from Cheyenne and Magic's litter is now "Wrigley", beautiful Joy, and Dancer from Drizzy's litter.!
We love that they already know each other and are playmates!

 Wrigley and Joy Belle~ Buddies
Can't you just see their little bums wiggling back and forth?


Our vet called this litter Maserati babies because they were such
Extremely Exquisite Pups




Ruby Scarlett, aka Rubily, x Magic

Meet the "Berry Bunch"!




now 'ChaCha',
a very famous Japanese princess!

and is living in San Francisco with Helen and Shu with her new Shih Tzu brother "Uni".  Ichiban!

ChaCha full grown. Look are her eyelashes! WOWZER



now "Puddles"

and went to live in Palo Alto with Deb and family! Great choice!

Puddles (formerly Razi-beri ) continues to charm us with her wonderful personality and adorable face. We couldn’t be more happy with her. (—:





  now "Cinnamon"

         and is owning Greg in San Jose and loving it!            




now "Kiyoshi Dawa Suki" - Yoshi

and is living the relaxed life in Paradise with Katja

Thank you so much for waiting so long and being so patient for one of our Exquisite Angels.
We appreciate it and so happy you love your special guy!



now "Leo"
is off to Danville with Kit, Miriam and Family! Great Choice!

Hi Karen,

 Leo had his first puppy exam with Dr. Campbell at Tassajara Veterinary. 
He did so well and has a clean bill of health! 
He mesmerized the staff with his charm and handsomeness!

I will send over some pics as soon as I am able to.





Rubily and Magic's "Super Seven"

In the stroller, going for vet check!




now "Chloe"

Karen, she is truly a little love bug!  Things have been going great! My daughter and granddaughter came yesterday. We went to see Dr. Fries...everyone loved her...I promise to take good care of her!    Sheri

Jinx (Chloe) and Sophie          Chloe and Sheri



now "Tia Rose"




now "Scarlet"

Everything went well at the vet and everyone there said she is too cute.

Scarlet got a 98% (waiting for fecal test) clean bill of health and I am so happy. Dr.Tucker said you deserve a 100% since Scarlet is so incredibly beautiful and obviously
well bred and not to mention her exquisite color. PLEASE STOP ME FROM BRAGGING.LOL
Thank you so very much and I will update you and send pictures Lucia

Hi Karen

First of all thank god for you being a responsible breeder. The complements I get at the vet and from other people it's wonderful Scarlet is perfect.





now "Pippa" Whitestockings

Hi Karen,
I can't thank you enough for this wonderful little girl. I and everyone she has met just loves her to pieces.
She is totally fearless. So far, nothing she has encountered has intimidated her. She runs like a madwoman from my kitchen, dining area and family room grabs a toy and is off again. She does love her toys!
I think she may have inherited Rubily's ability to "speak". If she's sitting in front of me and I am talking to her, she will immediately respond and turn her head as if it's all making sense to her.
She makes me laugh and that is something that has been missing in my house for several months now.
You did a wonderful job! Will keep in touch,



now "Kylie"

Hi Karen! Just wanted to let you know Jezebel...we call her Kylie...she had her check up on Saturday and she weighs 3.5 pounds! Everyone adores her and our friends fight over who gets to hold her!
She has the sweetest calm playful personality. Everyone compliments on her calm temperament.
She is soooo smart. Going to start working with her to do little tricks.
I have been posting her pics on my Facebook and everyone loves her pictures. Checking your website to see your new litter. Will send you pics soon! Thank you again. We love her so much!
Hugs, Grace



now "Walker"


Its been two weeks now and Walker is fitting in just fine with no issues.. He loves his brother Jameson and they spend all day playing and forming a lifetime bond. He is far from shy anymore, his true personality has come out and he is a active fun loving little brother who loves to annoy his older brother daily.

Thank you for the perfect addition to the lopez Family. I will try to update you every so often. He has gained 1.5 pounds since we brought him home, the kid love to eat!!
Thank you for the perfect puppy!!



still "Jaxx"

Karen, Oh, he won our hearts even my husband, and that is not easy to do. :)

My son was so interested in a little puppy for his son. He wanted Jaxx but I can't and won't let him go. So if you have any more litters coming up please let me know because we do want one for him. Thanks for sharing. I also would like you to know that Jaxx is doing great and that he is eating fine. Ana



Ruby - Magic

"Standing Ovation"

(Rubily's final Exquisite litter)

Firecracker babies born on the 4th of July!




 now "Harlow'
is loved, pampered (and we mean pampered lol),
and totally spoiled by Laureen!
Thank you!

Hi Karen: 
Dr. Haddad said Harlow's "perfect" in every way. Everything looks great!   

 Here's a pic of Dr. Haddad holding my precious girl.
Dr.said I couldn't have chosen better, but I know she chose me!

She brings me so much joy.  I love her more than I can say.  

Harlow sends you much love and big hugs!!

Laureen's Dad was so happy to hold Harlow and passed on shortly after. Laureen was glad they had a chance to meet and Harlow has help with her loss.



 now Toby, is plush like a teddy bear

Hi Karen - the little boy just had another checkup and he is doing great! He is like a big ball of fluff!  He is very energetic and loving. He seems to love everybody and has adjusted so well. Training is going great. He is doing little tricks now. We just love him!


Chris & Nancy 



now "Leo"

Living with a wonderful family right here in California

"He gets complimented everywhere we go.  He's a handsome boy and he knows it! :) "

Diana and Family




now "Charlie"




now "Ollalie"

"Garden's Rue La La"

Staying here in the Garden to carry on her Mommy's lines!




Our Precious Princess

 A very sweet gentle soul she is...


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