Cheyenne's Past Babies








Garden's Shooting Star ~ "Cheyenne"




Baby Cheyenne


Now all her Babies!



Cheyenne and Tinker Creations


"Sweets for The Sweets"

Newborns and at 6 weeks old



still "Éclair"

Joined Leslie, Lynn, and fam here in California. Thank you so much!

Great choice, she is a cutie pie!



"Cream Puff"

now "Lexi"

Has a wonderful forever loving home with Randi here in California! We are so blessed to find a wonderful home for her with a Shih Tzu lover who just lost her companion and now will have new joy with her new baby.

Hi Karen,

Just a note to tell you how much we Love little Lexi... she is so adorable... doing well with the potty training and learning new things every day.... Plays with her "Cousin" Gemini who is a 6 month old Shih Tzu almost every day...... hope all is well with you....


Hi Karen.... Your new puppies are precious...Here is a recent photo of Lexi..(Cream Puff) as she turns 3..She is the most adorable, sweet, and very well loved little girl... She weighs 8.2 pounds and is just beautiful...





now "Qishi"

Our sincerest thank you Rhonda for your loyalty and putting your trust in us in waiting for over a year for the Shih Tzu Garden to make the baby of your dreams! You got one of our finest for sure and we know he will be a Prince in your Palace at the Beach for a long time to come!




Cheyenne and Tinker

"Awesome Angels"



now "Jinka"

Stayed here in Gilroy to be a sister to Jaxx (from Ruby and Magic)

2nd puppy from us. Thank you Ana for loving our babies!





now "Ebony"

This doll faced baby stayed nearby here in Cali!

Hi, Karen wanted to tell you how my little Ebony girl has brighten my life.

I Love love love her!






 staying here!

"Garden's Kissed by an Angel"

Stay tuned to watch her grow into a gorgeous young lady!




Now "Wicket"

Wicker went to live with Fitz, a previous puppy from us.
Thank you Abi and Matthew for giving them such a wonderful home. We love it when they have a buddy!!



Cheyenne and Tinker

The "Darlings'

As Newborns

Dooney, Doozie, and Deacon at 8 weeks


"Dooney" and "Doozie"

"Dooney", now "Sammy", and "Doozie", now "Daisy",
stayed together to live in California!
 Thank you Chantel!

They are doing great! Eating lots, playing, sleeping, and snuggling. Frankie likes the company and they all play together. Frank will poop out first of course so I just put him on my bed and he takes a nap. They are so loving and sweet. I'm in love! Chantel M



still Deacon

Deacon meeting snow for the first time while visiting in Kansas!


Cheyenne - Magic Babies


 Mia is still Mia getting her first haircut. Second baby Metra got from us!
Look how deep choco she is getting!

Joop and Mia



now "Jasmine" ~ "Jazzy"

We are doing very well. I love her! The Vet said she is VERY cute. She sure is a fast runner! Wow. She Goes! She is So good at night. She wakes me up to go out. How did you train her to do that? We all sleep together. When I'm home they have the run of the house. She trots around. She was right at home from day 1. Oh Jazzy's coat seems to be coming in with alot of Liver with choc/orange tips but her head is still chocolate and (don't know if her face is dark choc. or black?) Today alot of friends who haven't seen Jazzy will meet her at a picnic! JAZZ is VERY beautiful. Her face is as sweet as can be. As far as her color--- I just don't know what she is color wise! lol Very different and I love it. orange/choc/liver and I'm not sure if that is black or very dark brown around her mouth area. She still has those beautiful green eyes. I haven't cut her hair yet. I have to put a bow in otherwise I can't see her eyes the hair covers her great eyes. But she is a sweetie! Yes Jazz wants me around even when I put her outside she'll cry for me. When she sees me she is OK and happy. Such a baby yet. I kiss and hug her all the time. She is just my little sweetie. I love to just watch her prance around. She has a cute way about her. Good luck with the next litter coming. OMG They are going to be wonderfully cute I just know it. Andrea


Teeny "Maverick"

now "Twister"



 now "Wrigley"!

3 babies from us for Angela now! You are an awesome Mommy!




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