"Alioop's " Babies
  Garden's Guardian Angel






Alioop as a Newborn


Alioop ~ All Grown Up



Alioop's Past Litters

Alioop ♥♥ Derby

*Heaven Sent*


*Little Tank* 

Still *Little Tank*

Tank aka Koala was a lion for Halloween!   
His family tells us he is very smart too! 


Stayed here ~ See her on the Mommy Page


All Grown up!



Alioop and Derby's
"Special Delivery"



now "Kali"


Hi Karen,

She is such a love and just an awesome dog! Thank you!! Now I am thinking she needs a playmate. Pls let me know if you have another small sized litter.
:) Kim


*Teeny Francine*

now "Odette" ~ all 4 lbs of her!
(from Swan Lake)


Look how light she got!!



* Francesca*



Now *Bella*

My Bella

Just a note to send a few pictures of how she has grown and matured. She is about 6 lbs now, loves her walks and is fine on a leash, very playful and sweet...everyone is in love with her.

 And oh yes, she is still, and I fear forever, a major kisser.

She is registered as a Companion Dog and we have recently flown to LA to visits friends. She is allowed to travel on my lap and without a dog carrier....and does very well though the other passengers all want to see her. She does not bark which is a blessing thou I can't imagine what she would bark at.

Am so glad that all has turned out so well.




* Faberge*

now "Bailey"


now "Bailey"

She is 4 lbs! I get so many compliments. I pull up your website for everyone. You were right, she is a showstopper! Bailey is such a lover! We love our Bailey. Thank you so much!

Ryan and Desiree



* Fedora*

now "Secretariat" or "Bob".


Alioop x Derby



 Please meet:

*Pooks* ~ now *Cooper*



At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 wks:


*Primrose* ~ now *Greta*

Beautiful Black/Silver Girl with splash white on chest

At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 wks:


*Peony* ~ now *Lucy*

Exquisite buff and white girl ~ Will look a lot like Mom!



At 2 weeks:


At 4 weeks:


At 6 wks:


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