Questions A Breeder May Ask You

Do you have a fenced yard?

Do you have young children (under age 6)?

Where will the puppy be staying in your home?

Will someone be home enough to be sure the puppy gets enough time and attention during it's first months?

Do you plan to attend at least basic obedience classes with your puppy?

Do you plan to have a baby or move in the next year or so?

Are there any allergy problems with any family members in the household?

Are you interested in showing or just a companion?

Do you have any plans to breed?

Do you prefer a male or female or have no preference?

Are there other pets in the household and have you owned a dog before?

If so, how many and what kind of pets and how long did you have your dog(s) and what happened to them?

Do you have a regular vet?


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