Clementine's Past Babies





Clementine as a Newborn:

As a puppy:



Clementine's Past Litters


 Clementine's "Cuties" with Tinker Toy


Tiny "Panther"


now "Bentley" - 5 lbs!!



now "Minka" ~ 7 lbs
She turned a gorgeous platinum Silver with a baby doll face!

Minka went to live with a previous tiny Imperial baby named Skosh!
2nd baby from us! Thank you for choosing them letting them and tpo have each other for buddies too!

I'm happy to report that Minka and Skosh are very well adopted in our home as members of our family and of course, rotten spoiled!! 

They are in excellent health.

Anyway, I'm enclosing another photo after their grooming session (w/ the groomer), and another photo in our home.

 Yes, they get along fine and good buddies.  Happy camper indeed!!

 Thanks again for everything and our best regards....Matilda, Skosh, Minka



 now "Louie" at 6 lbs!

People stop me all over the country and ask where I got him. I tell them to look up Shih Tzu Garden. He is really a handsome little boy and we love him to death. 




Clementine and Magic

 Clementine's "Cuties" with Magic - newborns



now "Annie" ~ "Pecky"

adorable red and white tuxedo marked baby

This is Chiclet. Her name now is Annie but, we call her "Pecky".
 We love her SO MUCH!!! And her quality is super.
Great dog!

She is 11 months old now and very loved. We will come back to you, when we want another one.

Feel free to use her pictures on your website if you want. You have my permission.  She is 7 lb.

Thank you SO much for her!!!

Please, keep in touch.





now "Magic Mike"

Has gone to Connie ! Second Puppy from us .
Now Pippa has a playmate!!

Hi Karen, 
Believe it or not a year has gone by already, and the Super Seven litter is turning 1 tomorrow.  I'm sending photos of my most beautiful, wonderful, crazy "Pippa" (aka J'Adore).  Both Pippa and Mikey are the loves of my life.  They are so perfect together ... he's so very mild and easygoing and she's nuts!  They get along perfectly.

I can't tell you how much I love them and how much enjoyment they bring every day.

 XO, Connie



now, "Bailey" ~ 6lbs  On left in pic

Courtney got this second baby from us to play with Maddie (on right in pic)!

We love it when the have another Shih Tzu to play with!
Thank You Courtney!



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