"Syrah's Past Puppies"





Syrah's Full AKC Name ~ *Garden's Petite Syrah*

Syrah as a Newborn:

Syrah as a puppy:


Her Past Puppies:


Her Last Hurrah!!

Syrah and Tinker's litter - dob 9.27.16

2 girls and 2 boys
 estimated to be in the 9-12 lb range



Please meet:


*Princess Charlotte* ~ Staying here!
Red and white girl


At 2 weeks:




*Clarabelle*, still Clarabelle
Black/Silver and white girl


At 2 weeks:




Red and white male


At 2 weeks:




*Columbo* ~ now Turbo
Dark red/black male


At 2 weeks:




Syrah and Magic!

"The Red Hots"



Now *Oliver*

Last night Oliver was at puppy school.  His trainer was teaching "go to your bed".   Yesterday was his 6th month birthday.  He is a delight to my life and he has a rather large fan club.   Thank you for Oliver 🐶.  I'll text a video of puppy school.  🐶🐶🐶

In his tux :)

 Thank you and Shih Tzu Garden for Oliver.

Love and a hug,   Joanna





Now *Catori*

"She's loves her little couch bed and of course the Hello Kitty toy you gave us. She's playful always and rarely ever barks, very good natured personality and a good guard dog. She follows me every where, even to the bathroom! She will wait right next to the shower until I get out too. She just got her first puppy bath and hair trim around her feet and bottom and she did wonderful! We all love her so much, I'm still working on getting her to snuggle by me but she would rather be on the lookout for any little bugs or the boys coming out of their room :)

We are all so happy with Catori and her personality. I'm thankful she had such a loving and great beginning from your home. So thank you, it makes a huge difference. She was worth all of the extra money because I see the time you put in. Thank you again!"







Now *Sampson*

 Sampson is doing great! We are going to puppy classes. Everyone thinks he is beautiful. The trainer said right away that people come and say they have purebred Shih Tzu. But Sampson is truly beautiful. Thank you! He walks on leash, knows sit, down, wait, and stay. All think his color is so unique.
We love him! Isn't he a doll?



Syrah and Tinker!


"We're Hav'in a Garden Parti!"
(all parti marked- white & another color)






now " Darcy"



Went home with brother Tonto! We love they stay together!

Now *Lizzy*

Went home with brother Tonto! We love when they stay together!

Going home with new family:



All grown up!

They are doing so well! I am crazy about them! They are so happy to have each other.
Thank you Pamela





Still *Tumi*

"Tumi is just fabulous and he loves his 2 big brothers. (shih tzu)

He is a love."




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