"Lily's Babies"
       AKC full name ~ *Garden's Tiger Lily*

           Born Right Here in the Garden!








Tiger Lily's Parents:

    Mom - Doodle Smooch                     Dad- Jiggy


Lily as a puppy:




Garden's Tiger Lily and Tinker Toy had 2 gorgeous girls and 2 handsome boys 6.15.17


Please meet in birth order:


*Fizzy*, now *Mickey Moon*

Classic Black/Silver and White male


He's doing really great! We are so happy with him & love him!!
Thank you so much!

~ Bev & Dick~


*Flash*, now *Romeo*

Classic show ring type Black/Silver and White male


He's such a sweet boy! He's my shadow now, following me everywhere through the house. He's very smart and he can already do sit, stay, lay down, gimme paw, sit up, speak, and of course, go potty. He had another shot at the vet last week and he did really well. He's sleeping through the night and holding his bladder all night. He is well adjusted to spending time in his pen and alone when I need to leave. He's getting very hairy, I can't wait to get him groomed!

~ Laura ~




*Fanny*- now *Ginger*

Striking tiny Dark Red and White female

Just to let you know, Ginger is great!!  Everyone in the family loves her.  She sleeps through nite. No accidents thru nite. She has maybe had 4 or 5 accidents. Goes on paper. She is eating good. You have done so good with her that she has been so easy so far. She is very smart and wants to follow us from room to room. Of course she is limited to certain areas still.
Thank you so much for the work you do with your babies, she is super!!!!

We love her so much.




*Foofy*- now *Kali*

Showy Vibrant Red and White female

I can't begin to tell you how friendly she is. She is such a good dog. She sits when told and gives us her paw too when its treat time. She is so loving!




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