Darlyn's Lil Fudge Drizzle Dream of the Garden










Baby Drizzy

Newborn and baby girl



Drizzy Dream and Joey
"Dreamy" Babies

Drizzy X Joey's Thanksgiving Cutie Patooties!



now "Josie"
 We Thank You so much for coming here to take her home with you to Idaho on the plane!

Hi Karen
Josie had her shots and check today she weighed 3lbs 2ounces (14 weeks old). The vet said that she is very healthy. They all think she is so cute as do we of course. She has such personality we just love her. She did remember Dan after about 5 minutes of staring at him. She follows him where ever he goes. Even potty. So funny. Have a great day.  Elaine

Merry Christmas from 6 lb Josie!




Oh My Gosh Get a LOOK at this girl!

now "Gypsy"

Sold to Angela, her 3rd baby from us!
We are thrilled she is in such a wonderful home. Thank You!



Wrigley, Gypsy, and Joy




now 'Doodle Smooch" ~ Stayed here in the Garden!

See more photos of this baby girl on our

"Mommies" Page!




We miss you little sweet Casanova!

now "Tiger"

went to live with Nancy and Oren
What a doll baby he is! Thank you for choosing one of our angels.



Drizzy and Tinker

"Magnificent Munchkins"



now "Bailey"
went to be loved by Virginia not far from us! 
Such a sweet laid back guy!




 now "Juliet",
s going to love her older brother, Romeo, to play with. Thank You for giving her such a wonderful loving home !


Juliet, a gorgeous classic black and white Imperial

Hello Karen, things are good. We all love Juliet so much especially me she
is my little princess. She has added so much love and laughter to our
family. Romeo absolutely adores her as well.
 I am going to email you a few pics of my
love Juliet. We still talk about getting a third one that is red. But that
will have to wait for now. She is just amazing she didn't skip a beat when
she came here. She is so feisty, playful, funny and of coarse so so Soooooo
loving. I can't tell you how much she means to mean.  Talk soon.




 now "Paige"
is going to live with Carolyn and family in Laguna Hills!
What a lucky ducky!

Hi karen,

She is such a doll!  I love her so - and boy does my 9 yr old love to play - all day with her...

Have a great day! Carolyn


More Drizzy and Tinker Creations





 now Louie...


oves to play with his sisters, the cats!
Can you find him?




This is "Petunia" and her fur Mommy Drizzy (being held my me)...
 now so happy with her new Mommy, Jo, and called "Tinker Bell".
We are so happy she has a wonderful loving home and we always miss them when they leave us!
Will always be in our hearts.


Thank you for the wonderful care that you provide to insure your pups and new owners get off to a good start. Our one hour ride home went very well with no care sickness. Sunday traffic was good. Tinker Bell aka Petunia seems to have accepted us and started playing right away. What blew us away is she walked into the open pen and used the pee pad. Stool looked good.  Again, thank you for your care and help, George &  Jo

We are having a grand time raising her and sometimes think she is raising us.  She likes the treats so much she will sit without a command and didnít need any couching to indoor fetch a very small tennis ball.  She will bring it back and drop it without command about three times and then be ready for another game. Well, I sure you have heard this all before.  She is a very spunky, energetic, healthy pup and we made a great choice in adopting her from you.

Take care,
George & Jo Franklin




now "Pepper"
Lives right here in Gilroy with The Enright Family!

 He's such a good boy, always happy and ready to play! He is smart, easy to train, and has a very friendly and pleasant disposition towards everyone he meets- human and animals alike! You have really done a wonderful job choosing who to breed and raising him for the first 9 weeks of his life. We love him dearly and have no regrets! If we ever decide to get another puppy we are definitely going back for another one of yours! I tell everyone how wonderful you are : ) Thanks again! Jennifer



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